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Our products break down pollutants, oils and fats at the molecular level, making them watersoluble and less harmfull.
The technology facilitates precipitation of suspended particles in wastewater, liquids and air


• More economical and profitable by using less energy, working time, materials and cleaning equipment
• Extend cleaning intervals
• It contributes to compliance with the most stringent environmental laws and regulations, avoiding fines and downtime
• Neutral pH does not cause deterioration in any type of machine
• Avoids slippery surfaces and reduces accidents
• It can be used with fresh and salt water
• Eliminates surface tension and leaves no oily film
• It does not emit gases or dangerous substances
• Do not corrode surfaces
• Contributes to long life of equipment


• It does not transfer dirt from one place to another during cleanup and cleaning procedures
• It is a sustainable solution for the environment
• Change oil-based hydrocarbon molecules into less polluting or carcinogenic molecular chains
• It effectively reduces pollution of wastewater (from all types of remediation processes)
• It does not emit dangerous or toxic gases to humans
• It is not harmful to the environment

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